Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain the hygiene of InfinityBoxes?

We guarantee the cleanliness of boxes by making use of a process similar to that followed in 5 stars and also ensure close supervision. Each box after being washed thoroughly will also pass 4 quality checks before being sent to restaurants for reuse-
1) No odor
2) No residue
3) Clean from inside and outside
4) Industrial Grade Sanitization

How do I return InfinityBoxes?

Through the help of various food aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, UberEATS, etc., we will deliver InfinityBoxes to their partner restaurants. After that, the only change that will affect the customers is an option on their food delivery app which will allow them to opt for InfinityBoxes instead of single-use plastic containers. After the food has been delivered, users will be incentivized by lower packaging fees to return the containers and will have 4 ways to return them: 1. Return it back to the delivery person just after the food has been delivered 2. Return it back to the delivery person when they order food the next time 3. Return it to the delivery person by scheduling a pick-up from their house/office 4. Place it in the containers in strategically placed smart bins across the city

Doesn't it take a whole lot of energy to wash InfinityBoxes?

It does require water and energy to wash InfinityBoxes. However, even with the energy and water needed to wash, the overall environmental impact is substantially less than single-use, throw-away containers in terms of water and energy consumed, Greenhouse gases produced and waste dumped into to the landfills.

Why are they made out of Plastic?

While by no means perfect, PP plastic is lightweight, durable, and recyclable. InfinityBoxes need to be light so we can pick up and deliver them. They need to be durable so we can wash and reuse them as many times as possible. And they need to be a size and shape that vendors are familiar with serving their food in. Since another material that fulfills all these criteria isn’t available at this time, we decided to go with a plastic container. We make sure each container is recycled at the end of its life.

Do I have to clean the container before I return it?

You do not need to wash or rinse the container before returning it, but please make sure it’s as free of food and liquid as possible. If you have the ability to easily give it a quick rinse, that’s great, but not necessary.

How is InfinityBox helping the environment?

1 InfinityBox used only 40 times creates 10 times LESS greenhouse gasses than 40 compostable containers, reduces the waste to the landfills, and consumes up to 4 times less energy and water.