• Keshav Godala

Can we really blame plastic for all the problems ?

Plastic is the poster child of everything that is gone wrong with the Oceans, and plastic straws are perhaps the most regrettable example of the throwaway culture that we have created. We are turning our beautiful Ocean into a plastic soup. About 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the marine bodies every year, and at this rate we face a future with more plastic in the Ocean than fish by 2050!

Our plastic addiction and waste mismanagement are condemning countless marine birds and animals to death by entanglement or poisoning, and even leading to chemical contamination of the fish we eat. The vast swirls of plastic rubbish visible on the sea surface – horrifying as they are – represent just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath are the masses of microbeads and broken-down particles of plastic that are easily ingested by sea creatures, and impossible to remove. The urgent need is for a combination of enhanced awareness, reduced plastic use, and massively improved waste management.

What is the most effective way to have less plastic in the Ocean? It is to use less plastic in the first place. For example: we can carry a reusable water bottle or coffee cup, bring our own cloth bag or other reusable bag when shopping, buy second-hand products, dramatically cut down our consumption of single-use plastic such as food contained in plastic packaging or plastic straws in our take-away drinks, and make sure we recycle them.

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