• Keshav Godala

Circular Economy is the path to save our future!

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

Minimal waste economic system, at most use of the resources available at hand, reduced waste and emission vis-a vis the take, use and dispose model, that is what circular economy offers, and a proper strategy can lure both the business and policy making community. And InfinityBox™ does exactly that!

InfinityBox’s revolutionizing model aims to close the loop for the exponentially growing online food delivery industry. It provides the transition we need from our current addiction to single-use plastics towards a circular, zero-waste economy while providing incentives for every stakeholder involved. The best part is, it is effortless to join the movement and sows the seed for a long term shift towards environmentally-friendly consumption patters.

In a short span, circular economy has been adopted by many industries and countries for sustainable economic growth as this system is not just aims at reducing negative outcomes but also at building a long term pliability, generates business & economic opportunities while looking out for social and environmental interest.

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